25 Apr 2015

A Bit of a Catch Up

So I thought I'd post a general catch up, I've started several posts over the last few weeks, but none of them have been finish, I have no idea why, considering I have nada to do at work at the moment.

Firstly let's go all the way back to the Easter weekend and the six day awesome birthday extravaganza that it was (hardly).

Thursday 2nd was a nice little Wedding themed day trip out for my mum, it ended up being a little rushed and stressful and we didn't get everything done, but oh well! First up was our lovely florist, who was even lovelier in person and very forgiving considering we were 45 minutes late and then got lost and couldn't find the right place.
After that we sped off to the wedding venue so that my mum could see it, shock horror, she actually liked it. I was flabbergaster, she is super critical, but I think she could see past of the more shabby bits to see the overall vision I was going for.
Sadly the Wedding Coordinator was stuck on the phone, so I didn't get to speak to her before we had to rush off...cue massively long email with a million questions!
Then it was off to the cake shop, we arrived so late that they were basically shutting up for the night and the manager was off to a meeting, so my attempts to order my Wedding cake failed miserably.

Then Friday 3rd was my birthday, hooray! A got a bundle of cards and some lovely birthday presents, a Fjallraven Kanken backpack from my mum and a Radley purse and handbag from T and his mum. So now I have a million bags that I need to use!
I have a birthday surprise, which turned out to be my first mani pedi EVER (working towards that 30 Before 30 checklist there - nearly a spa day!) which I loved, lunch out and then off to Harry Potter! Where I took loads of photos (so many my phone ran out of battery) and had some butter beer, sadly there were no real good souvenirs in the shop so I came away empty handed. We got back to London pretty late and fitting in a late night pint and trip to Nandos!

Saturday 4th was the Idea Home Show, I only really wanted to go for the food, but T was keen on the house stuff. We did come away with a few buys, some bamboo pillows (get us), some sweeping brush type things and a wooden duck! Not to mention half the cheese that was at the show. We also nearly bought a bed! We then decided to book free tickets to Grand Designs Live, so that's coming up soon.
After that it was off to have drinks with my old housemates, had a few too many beers and got some lovely little pressies, it was wonderful.

Sunday 5th was pretty quiet in the day, it was a bit of a catch up and I ended up starting some sorting before the evening rolled around and it was McBusted time!! McBusted were amazing AND I managed not to try this time...last time I saw them I cried through the whole first song. Yeah, I'm a loser.

Monday and Tuesday ended up being days of more sorting, food shopping, xbox buying (that was T) and a Don't Tell The Bride Marathon (that one was definitely me).
But it was a wonderful long weekend that rushed by far too quickly.

Since then it's been pretty quiet.
I sadly waved goodbye to one of my cousins from Australia who's been living here for 2 years, we took her and her boyfriend for traditional pie, mash and liquor in good old Romford before they left.
I interviewed for another job on Thursday, now I've got the joy of sitting waiting to hear something.

But distraction in the form of a busy weekend should help, and planning for the bank holiday weekend too. We've decided we might go camping, jumping back on my 30 Before 30 band wagon!

That's all for now folks! I'll try and be better with my updates and ramblings!

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